LiveHelp® for Blogger

You can activate LiveHelp® in blogs created on Blogger platform.
A few simple steps to use the live chat and provide immediate assistance:
  1. Sign up for the free trial. You will receive an e-mail with your ID and login data for the admin dashboard.
  2. In the admin dahboard, go to page "Widget and HTML code " to copy and paste the code. We suggest choosing "fixed bottom right" position.
Blogger allows to insert HTML code in a preset "gadget":
  1. Enter your Blogger administration.
  2. In the left menu, choose Layout and click "Add gadget" where you want LiveHelp® button to appear:

  3. Amongst the basic gadgets, choose HTML/Javascript and click Add ("+"):

  4. Give the gadget a name and paste LiveHelp® code in the "Website section" area. Save the widget.

  5. Save layout.

LiveHelp® is now active on your blog.