LiveHelp® for eBay stores

Boost sales on eBay thanks to a live chat

Even those who sell through an eBay store can provide real-time assistance to their potential buyers through LiveHelp®, the web chat that requires no software installation and is easily integrated into any online store.
Here are the steps to jump-start chatting with your customers:
  1. Fill in the form for a free trial. You will receive an e-mail with your ID and login data for the admin dashboard.
  2. Contact us indicating the account ID you given, to get the custom HTML code for your shop.
  3. Sign in to eBay with your user ID and password and click Manage My Store on the left side of the page.
  4. Click Promotional Boxes on the left side of the page. Click Create new promotion box.
  5. Choose the promotion box which allows you to insert some HTML code.

  6. Position: choose the location where you want to display the button of the chat (we recommend "Navigation bar at the bottom left" not to interfere in navigation) and the pages of the store which will appear in the chat:

  7. Content: when requested, choose "customize" as "type of information"; will appear the part where you must enter the HTML code of the chat. Paste the code provided in the box and save.(Warning: the widget code you find in LiveHelp® needs to be adapted to eBay standard):

  8. Now you will see LiveHelp® widget in the promotion boxes list and the live chat button will be visible in your store:

  9. Connect as an agent with login data you received via e-mail and wait for your customers' questions: you will be able to clear the doubts of your potential buyers at the time of purchase and boost their confidence and sales!