LiveHelp® for Joomla

It's easy to put LiveHelp® into a Joomla website.
A few steps to provide immediate assistance:
  1. Fill in the form for a free trial
  2. You will receive an e-mail with login data for your admin dashboard and for agent login
  3. In LiveHelp® admin dahboard, go to page "Widget and HTML code " to copy and paste the code. We suggest choosing "fixed bottom right" position.
Joomla platform allows to insert HTML code in an "extension".
  1. Enter your Joomla dashboard.
  2. Open page Estension > Modules:

  3. Choose "New" to create a new module:

  4. Choose "custom HTML" as a module type:

  5. Give the module a name (i.e. "LiveHelp") and paste LiveHelp code into "Customize Output". In our example, the account ID and was overshadowed

  6. Save the module.

LiveHelp® is now active on your website.