LiveHelp® for Magento e-commerce

LiveHelp® chat plugin is compatible with both Magento versions. You can download both releases of the modules from Magento Marketplace:

This is how you can install the livechat on Magento 2.

Follow these steps:
  1. Enter the Magento marketplace and search for LiveHelp® Magento 2 plugin, or visit the extension's page

  2. Add the module to cart and proceed with the payment; the module is free, you will not be charged;
  3. Now the "Install" button should appear;
  4. Click on the "Install" button, and you will be able to see the public and private access keys;
  5. In the backed of your Magento 2 application enter the System Config section;
  6. Enter the public and private key that you got from the marketplace (see point 4);
  7. Save the settings; If you have trouble seeing the changes, we suggest you to refresh the page and clean the cache
  8. Now the LiveHelp module® should be visible in theExtension Manager;
  9. Access your application's admin panel and click on System --> Web Setup Wizard.

  10. Now click on Component Manager.

  11. Here you should see the list of modules relative to your Magento 2 application. Click on the install link button

  12. Now click on the install button related to the LiveHelp module
  13. Go for the Readiness Check clicking the button "Start Readiness Check".(It will check that everything is ok with your application to install the module)

  14. At the end of the "Readiness Check" click on "Next".
    (If something goes wrong during the "Readiness Check", refer to the Magento 2 official documentation for further assistance).

  15. Before continuing we suggest you to create a backup on your store.
    Now you will be able to see the Livehelp module , ready to be activated.
  16. Click on "Install" to continue.

    At the end of the installation process you should be redirected to the settings page.
LiveHelp chat® is now ready on your e-commerce!

Widget's creation

Now that the module is installed on your application, follow this simple guide to set it up on your e-commerce:
  1. Register at this ®, linkto obtain your ID.
  2. Select LiveHelp from the top menu ® > Configure plugin.
  3. Select "Yes" to "Enable LiveHelp®" and insertyour "LiveHelp® ID" the id you obtained from in the registration's email; now click on "Save Config" in the top right corner of the window.
  4. Chosee wich kind of widget and in wich sections you want the chat button to appear:
    • EVERYWHERE: the chat button will appear everywhere
    • CATEGORIES: the chat button will appear on product categories pages
    • PRODUCT: the chat button will appear on the every product page
    • FUNNEL: the chat button will appear on the cart page and in the checkout page
    • OTHERS: the chat button will appear on all of the pages that are not included in the previous categories
    N.B. if you choose "EVERYWHERE" it will override all of the other settings
    If you have a Business LiveHelp® account, you will be able to create other widgets from you admin panel on the livehelp site.
  5. Click on Save to apply the changes.

How to install LiveHelp® module in the previous versions of Magento

Here are few simple steps to activate the live chat:
  1. Go to the plugin page
  2. After login, copy the extension key:

  3. Log into your Magento backend, then go to Magento connect manager: system > Magento connect > Magento connect manager
  4. Paste the extension key and click "install":

When finished, you will see a success message and LiveHelp® will be available in your backend.

Widget creation

After the plugin installation, follow these steps to activate it on your Magento website:
  1. If you have not signed up for LiveHelp® free trial, sign up to get your ID.
  2. In the top menu of Magento backend select LiveHelp® > Configure plugin.
  3. Select "Yes" to "Enable LiveHelp®" and fill in "LiveHelp ID" with the 5-digits ID you received after signup; click "Save Config" at top right to save settings and load all available widgets and chat buttons.
  4. Choose the page type where you want the chat to pop up:
    • ALL: the chat widget will pop up on every page of the website.
    • CATEGORIES: the chat widget will pop up in the category listing (i.e. apparel, shoes, accessories…).
    • PRODUCT: the chat widget will pop up on each product page.
    • FUNNEL: the chat widget will pop up in the cart and checkout pages.
    • OTHERS: all the pages that aren't products,categories or funnel.
    If you would like the chat widget to appear through the whole website, just choose the widget for the ALL select and leave the others unselected.
    If you have purchased a Business LiveHelp® account, you can create different widgets in the dashboard and set a different behaviour in the different areas of the website (for example, the time of appearance).
  5. Save again to apply changes and make the chat button visible on your website.
  6. Click "Login as Agent" and insert username and password received in the confirmation e-mail to support your customers (recommende browser Google Chrome).

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