LiveHelp® for Magento e-commerce

A plugin to give support from your Magento website

Here are few simple steps to activate the live chat:
  1. Go to the plugin page
  2. After login, copy the extension key:

  3. Log into your Magento backend, then go to Magento connect manager: system > Magento connect > Magento connect manager
  4. Paste the extension key and click "install":

When finished, you will see a success message and LiveHelp® will be available in your backend.

Widget creation

After the plugin installation, follow these steps to activate it on your Magento website:
  1. If you have not signed up for LiveHelp® free trial, sign up to get your ID.
  2. In the top menu of Magento backend select LiveHelp® > Configure plugin.
  3. Select "Yes" to "Enable LiveHelp®" and fill in "LiveHelp ID" with the 5-digits ID you received after signup; click "Save Config" at top right to save settings and load all available widgets and chat buttons.
  4. Choose the page type where you want the chat to pop up:
    • ALL: the chat widget will pop up on every page of the website.
    • CATEGORIES: the chat widget will pop up in the category listing (i.e. apparel, shoes, accessories…).
    • PRODUCT: the chat widget will pop up on each product page.
    • FUNNEL: the chat widget will pop up in the cart and checkout pages.
    • OTHERS: all the pages that aren't products,categories or funnel.
    If you would like the chat widget to appear through the whole website, just choose the widget for the ALL select and leave the others unselected.
    If you have purchased a Business LiveHelp® account, you can create different widgets in the dashboard and set a different behaviour in the different areas of the website (for example, the time of appearance).
  5. Save again to apply changes and make the chat button visible on your website.
  6. Click "Login as Agent" and insert username and password received in the confirmation e-mail to support your customers (recommende browser Google Chrome).