LiveHelp® for Wordpress

A plugin to provide real-time support on your WordPress website

Follow these steps:
  1. Download from the plugin page
  2. In the Plugins section of your Wordpress dashboard, add a new plugin and upload the file
  3. Click "Install now" and activate the plugin
  4. Fill in the form for a free trial 
  5. In the plugin settings, paste the 'ID you received via e-mail
  6. Choose the button and its position in your website
  7. Save
LiveHelp® is now active on your website and you can enter as an agent directly from the plugin page to provide assistance.
To change chat settings and see analytics, log in your admin dashboard.

LiveHelp plugin per Wordpress

Alternative configuration (widget)

If you can not or don't want to install LiveHelp plugin for Wordpress, you can insert the HTML code of the chat in a pre-structured Wordpress widget.
  1. Fill in the form for a free trial
  2. You will receive an e-mail with login data for your admin dashboard and for agent login
  3. In the admin dahboard, go to page "Widget and HTML code " to copy and paste the code. We suggest choosing "fixed bottom right" position.
  4. Log into your Wordpress dashboard.
  5. In the left menu, click Aspect and then Widget.

    LiveHelp plugin per Wordpress
  6. Create a widget where you want the chat button to appear (for example, in the right sidebar) and paste LiveHelp® widget code.

    LiveHelp plugin per Wordpress
LiveHelp® is active on your website; you just need to log in as agent to provide assistance through the link received by email.

Download PDF manual