LiveHelp® improves your chat marketing: links sents by agents will display image and description

You asked, we have deployed it!

We have just enabled a new feature for all Business accounts, perfect to improve the Customer Experience and your marketing power through chats.

Links sent by agents via chat will display the title of the webpage, its description and the main image of the content directly into the user’s chat window. This awesome LiveHelp implementation works on all websites pages, E-commerce product pages and YouTube videos.

The requirement for link recognition is the correct filling of meta tags fields (all recent-developed websites are already structured to support this feature). Links preview is automatically generated by the software as the common social networking platform do (for example, Instant Messaging Apps).

You can disable / enable this feature at any time from Administrator dashboard.
Go to Customizations » Template Responsive
scrolling to "Show link preview" and select your preference.

How link previews can be useful

  • Increase the average CTR. Links with preview receive more clicks compared to text URL.
  • Time optimization. Agents often send a lot of links; thanks to this feature, users will recognize linked pages from title and image; they won’t ask for them a second time.
  • Marketing strategy. This feature gives a better Customer Experience and makes more easy up-selling e al cross-selling via chat. Agents become personal shoppers or consultants able to engage the customers.

Does Your Staff already know how to communicate and boost sales through a webchat?

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