LiveBot: virtual assistant integrated with real chat

Customers want to use a variety of communication channels - self-service, voice, digital channels and social networks - to interact with the support services, and interactions with companies often start online.

According to Forrester Research "Trends 2015: The Future Of Customer", 76% of online shoppers in the US are using the services of "frequently asked questions" as a channel of assistance.
LiveBot is an integrated web platform for support, always available, that does not need a human agent's presence.

Thanks to LiveBot solution, customers can interact with the bot simulating human interaction. The interface creates the perfect hospitality for the customer, always giving the opportunity to shift to the human level.

Our interactive system allows users to ask some questions or make detailed queries and receive in real time during the interaction all the information that LiveBot automatically suggests (including text answers or additional contents such as FAQs, links and documents related to the topic). A great advantage is the homogeneity in answers: since the answers are pre-determined, there is no difference in the information given, unlike when provided by different agents.

At the end of the conversation, customer can send their comments and suggestions, save the chat, send it to to their email address or print it.
The management of the layout of questions and answers is integrated into the intuitive Livehelp® administration panel and it can be handled according to the templates already designed.

Livebot and agents

Humans and chat bot will interoparate efficiently in LiveHelp: agents wil receive only high value chats, as customers can decide when they want to ask for real chat. When agents receive chats from bot, they will be able to read full bot interactions.

The chat bot can be setup as first touch-point so agents will be less stressed during peak hours and will serve customers more efficiently.

Thanks to our unique orders tracking system you will be able to compare ROI of bots vs human performance and analyze complete customer-bot conversation history to improve bot as usage grows.
With over 20 years experience in building and using live chats, we are the ideal partner to help you start with the perfect integration between chat and chat bot in your business.

LiveBot is available as an optional to our Business Customers.