LiveHelp® for Prestashop

If you have an e-commerce website built on Prestashop platform, it is very easy to set up LiveHelp® live chat.

Just follow these simple steps:
  1. Download the module from PrestaShop addons marketplace or from this link
  2. Go to your PrestaShop Admin dashboard
  3. click on "Add a new Module"
  4. Click on "Choose a file" and select the downloaded LiveHelp® module
  5. Click on "Upload", the module should be now available to install
  6. Locate the 'LiveHelp Chat Widget' module on your modules list and click "Install"
You have successfully installed the LiveHelp® module and you now need to configure it:
  1. If you have not signed up for LiveHelp® free trial yet, sign up to get your ID and agent's login
  2. Insert your LiveHelp ID in the module page and save
Your account is now connected and LiveHelp® can start working, as soon as you specify which sections you want the chat to be activated on (e.g. all pages, only category or product pages, funnel...).
Connect as agent through the link you have received in the confirmation e-mail and get ready to support your customers!


  1. In LiveHelp® administrator dashboard you may customize the appearance of your live chat window with logo and colors of your corporate image.
  2. In the widget settings, you can customize your widget choosing the best button and position. Decide when to enable the chat thanks to the activation rules: show only on some particular pages, after a chosen time, in defined weekdays...
  3. upload agent's picture and choose a different display name to create a better feeling of trust and closeness with your customer (optional)
Please note: CURL has to be installed and enabled on your WebServer.