Changes to LiveHelp proxy settings

Live Help® is getting more and more appreciated thanks to companies such as Yours and we are thrilled about this!

To keep on guaranteeing high levels of reliability and safety, we are expanding the equipment of our servers, by adopting safer and faster systems.

Starting from June 13 we will perform a change of IP address. After that date our system will use a variable pool of IP addresses depending on the country of visitors, all connected to the same hostname that has always distinguished us: "".

What you have to do

- in most cases you will have to do nothing and everything will work just as before.
- if you have set some rules on your company firewall/proxy to login as agent, opening special permits towards our old IP (, from now on you will have to change the rule and set the DNS hostname resolution

If you have troubles using the hostname or are unsure of your current configuration, contact us and we'll provide support and an appropriate and equally safe solution.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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